About Us

Jansen International is a direct importer of wines from France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Mr. Anthony Jansen, the founder of our company has over 40 years experience selecting suppliers of fine wines in these countries.

We concentrate on family-owned vineyards because they are focused on maintaining healthy vineyard practices and preserve these for future generations. This means reduced crop size, limited or no use of fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. We also look for modern equipment so we can be sure to have sound wines from year to year.

We taste and select the wines we import at the individual properties, some of them we have been representing for over 25 years. It is gratifying to see that the younger generation of wine makers now taking over with the same family traditions. All of our wines are shipped in temperature controlled containers directly to our temperature controlled warehouse in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Jansen International distributes the wines directly to retail stores and restaurants. We are the only intermediate between its grower and our customers.

In the recent pandemic, with travels made impossible, we have had to resort to air shipping samples and tasting the wines here and communicate by means of telephone and email. We feel fortunate to be able to converse with our suppliers in French, Spanish or German so we are able to build personal relationships.

The trade conflict with the Eurozone has inflicted a 25% tariff on the value of all wines. This has meant substantial price increases, sometimes moderated by our suppliers lowering prices and ourselves working on thinner margins. We want to keep our wines as affordable as possible.